Update October 28, 2014: John Light, welcome aboard!

Being a non-profit means we have a constant need to fund raise, so:

The okTurtles Foundation is looking to hire a genius fundraiser, part time or full time.

About okTurtles:

The protocol "securing" most internet traffic today (SSL/TLS) has a 20+ year old design flaw that undermines the security of every website on the internet. Our work fixes the problem in this protocol, prevents many types of internet censorship, and makes it possible to have truly simple, surveillance-free communication, everywhere.

About this position:

Responsibilities include:

  • Finding individuals or organizations to sponsor our work.
  • Researching and managing crowdsourced donation mechanisms.
  • (Optional) Grant writing.
Our mission is to:  

Part-time or full-time depending on: (1) how much compensation you require, (2) how effective you are at fundraising. If you're really good, some of those funds can be used to pay you full-time.

In your reply, tell us:

  1. Why we should hire you.
  2. What we do (in your own words).
  3. Samples of your previous work and writings. To get this job, you must be highly skilled at written communication and technical writing.
We do not care about:
  • Your educational background.
  • Your physical location, race, color, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, religious beliefs, age (except as required by law), marital status, disability, or veteran's status.
Send your resumé along with your answers to the three items above to:


Thank you!

Your friends at the okTurtles Foundation